Losing a Spouse/Parent

When a family member dies, what happens to the debts?

Generally, the debt dies with the person who passed away, but is not always the case. The following are taken into consideration before a debt is settled:

  • Was the deceased married?
  • Did others co-sign on loans or was there more than one person on a credit card?
  • What property or finances did the person have when they died?


Can a minor (a child who is less than 18 years old) inherit money or property?

Yes, but not directly. At least until the minor becomes an adult (when they turn 18), someone else must manage the money or property for them.

This is the first of a series of articles intended to provide a basic understanding of Arizona Probate Law, including the definition of probate, the circumstances under which a probate proceeding is necessary, how a probate case is administered, alternatives to probate, and information about available resources to assist those interacting with the Probate Court.

You may be overwhelmed with grief right now. You may want to leave the administrative matters for a later day. But there are notifications and legal steps that should not be postponed.

Probating an estate in Arizona is far less complicated and expensive than in many other states. While the majority of states have adopted the Uniform Probate Code and abolished their estate and inheritance taxes, there are still about 20 states that charge heirs for the privilege of inheriting even small estates.  Arizona has no estate or inheritance tax.

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