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Traveling anywhere outside the United States requires a valid passport.  That wasn’t always the case.  When I was younger, we thought nothing of crossing the border into Mexico for shopping or social events.  We once attended a wedding in Nogales, returning to Arizona by taxi, and the only ID required at the border was a driver’s license.  Those days are long gone.  Border crossings are heavily scrutinized, and you will need a passport to get back into the United States.  You also need a passport to travel to Canada.

These days most of us use our WI-FI devices while traveling.  We use them in hotels, airports, RV parks, and coffee shops. While surfing the web in public has become part of our daily lives, we must always be aware that public networks pose serious security risks.  We need to be aware of the dangers and know how to protect against them.

Why Do We Need a New Driver’s License?

In 2005, Congress passed the Real ID Act, which was designed to set minimum security requirements for identifications used in airports, Federal Agencies, and nuclear power plants.  The Act was based on recommendations by the 9/11 Commission that the Federal Government set standards for sources of identification like drivers’ licenses.  On December 20, 2013, The Department of Homeland Security announced a phased enforcement plan for the Real ID law that allowed the states time to develop a new identification card that meets Federal requirements.

Foreign travel can provide exciting vacations, great educational opportunities and satisfying business trips.  But bad things can happen when you travel to a foreign country with different laws, a different legal system, and different views on personal rights.  While we all hope to avoid legal problems, becoming victims of crime, and medical emergencies when we travel, we also need to know what to do if disaster strikes.  This article will help you prepare for the worst while you hope for the best.

Arizona has a variety of laws and ordinances that surround how and when you can use and open flame; each application is identified to offer you a better understanding of how these rules keep people safe from harmful toxins and out of control fires.

Applying for or Renewing a Passport

People are generally aware that a passport is required to travel outside the United States.  If you plan foreign travel and do not currently have a passport, this is the information you will need. 

Discounts Travel and Recreation

Your advancing years could result in some savings. As a senior - sometimes as young as 50 - you can now travel, eat out, go to the movies and even visit national monuments at a cut-rate price. Just ask for the senior discount and, in many cases, you will get one.

Foreign travel can be a fun and exciting experience however; bad things can happen when you travel to a country with different: laws, legal system, and views on personal rights. While we all hope to avoid legal problems, here is some information if you are arrested or detained in a foreign country.

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