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Senior Driver License

A person over age 60 who renews their current Arizona driver license or applies for a new Arizona driver license receives a valid license that will expire five years from the date of issue. People under age 60 get a driver license that is valid until age 65.

Renewing an Arizona Driver License

An Arizona license holder can renew their driver license up to six months before their current license expires.

An Arizona driver license must be renewed at a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office, commonly called Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in other states. Arizona MVD offices can be found on the website for the Arizona Department of Transportation under Motor Vehicle Services

Once you arrive at the MVD office you will have to prove your identity.  You must have 2 documents to prove your identity. Documents such as your current Arizona driver license, a U.S. passport, or a social security card are acceptable documents to prove your identity. A complete list off all acceptable document is here – acceptable documents to establish identity.

To renew your driver license, you must;

  • Complete a driver license application
  • Have your picture taken
  • Pass a vision test 

The vision test can be taken wearing your eye glasses, so be sure to take your glasses with you to the MVD. You may take the vision test without your eye glasses. However, if you do not meet the vision test standards, your license will indicate you need to wear eye glasses or contacts when driving.

Once you have completed the application, had your picture taken, and passed the vision test, you will then have to pay a fee. Currently, the fee for drivers 50 years or older and for a driver license valid for 5 years is $10. All Arizona MVD offices accept cash, checks, or money orders.

You should receive a temporary license when you leave the MVD. This temporary license is good for 30 days. The MVD will mail your permanent license to you on the address you provided on your license.

MVD Re-examination

An employee of the MVD may insist a driver submit to a complete driver re-examination. The MVD employee could require this re-examination because of information you provide in the renewal application or because of your driving record. They may also request this re-examination if a family member, emergency medical technician, or police officer informs them that the driver’s ability to drive is in question due to their physical or medical condition.

The re-examination will involve an evaluation by a MVD Driver Safety hearing officer. The re-evaluation may also involve a vision test, a written test, and a driving test. If a driver is asked to complete a written test or a road test, that person may enroll in a driver’s education program or driving school before taking the MVD’s tests.

If the driver does not successfully complete the re-examination, the MVD can restrict, suspend or revoke the person’s driving privileges.

Organ Donations

When completing the driver license application, you will be asked if you want to become an organ donor.  If you do check the box indicating you will be an organ donor, your new driver license will show you are an organ donor.

For more information on organ donation, please visit the Donor Network of Arizona at or Donate Life America.




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