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Assisted Living / Care Facilities

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Explore Your Rights

Legal information on assisted living and care facilities for older adults and their loved ones.

Available options for those who may need additional care or assistance in day-to-day living.
Information a care facility or provider is legally required to share with a patient or their loved ones.
Explore the various housing options available to the senior community.
Learn about the legal rights that exist to protect residents of an assisted living community.
Things to consider when selecting an assisted living facility.
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Informational Documents

The legal rights that every resident of an assisted living community has in Arizona.
Legal Help Information

Find local organizations that can connect you with a lawyer or other legal help.

Apply for legal help

Free or reduced fee legal help might be available for those that qualify.


Phone: 866-637-5341

Adult Protective Services

Find information or report neglect, abuse, and exploitation of vulnerable adults.


Phone: 877-767-2385

Social Security

Benefit, troubleshooting, and general program information for Social Security.


Phone: 800-772-1213

Arizona Attorney General's Office

Legal information and resources for those that have been a victim of fraud, abused, or need to compile end of life directives.


Phone: 602-542-5025

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