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Obtaining a Certified Death Certificate in Arizona

Why may someone need a certified copy of a death certificate?

A certified copy of a death certificate can be used to obtain beneficiary death benefits, claim beneficiary insurance proceeds, notify social security, and other legal purposes.
In Arizona the following people can get a certified copy of a death certificate:
Adult child,
Brother or sister,
Funeral director,
Person designated as Power of Attorney,
Person responsible for final disposition,
Person names as executor or beneficiary of the deceased’s individual estate,
Beneficiary of the deceased’s life insurance policy,
Person named in a court order,
Person authorized by an eligible person,
Insurance company or financial institution,
Hospital or healthcare institution,
Person with a court order having a claim against the deceased’s individual estate, and
Attorney representing a person eligible to receive a certified copy of a death certificate
People that request death certificates must be over the age of 18 and have the documentation showing their relationship to the deceased person.
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Order Online

The fastest way to request a death certificate is to order online. This service is offered through a VitalChek, a company that is contract by the state of Arizona to provide records online. There are additional fees charged for this service.

In Person

The Arizona Department of Health Services Office of Vital Records no longer provides walk-in services, but Arizona counties have their own office of public records, where the walk-in policies, turn around times, and fees vary. Contact the office to see if they are currently accepting walk-in requests.
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Apply by Mail

Another option people have for ordering a death certificate is applying by mail. To apply by mail, the following must be completed in full:
Applications that are not complete or do not have all the supporting materials necessary, will be delayed. After it is received, the average application takes at least five days to process.

What if I am doing genealogical research and do not need a certified copy of a death certificate?

If someone is doing research for their family tree or other genealogical purposes, they may request a noncertified copy of the person's death certificate if the following requirements are met:
Stack of books
- Over the age of 18

- Official documentation showing the relationship between the applicant and the person whose record they are requesting

- Information about the person to assist in locating their records in the registry

- A signed Application for Certified Copy of Death Certificate [Español]

- A copy of the front and back of a government-issued ID (example: driver's license)

- Correct fee amount - See fee schedules

Death in the Family

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